Monday, February 19, 2007

Manually edit your friendster profile [2]

The basics first. CSS is a language used to describe how an HTML document should be formatted. A very simple language.

To add a background image, you simply add background-image property to an element. For example,
p {background-image: url(}

You can change
p with another element like body, div, table, etc and/or class or id of an element. In html file class is written like this class="class_name", while in css file class is a dot(.). Id is written like this id="id_name" in html, while in css is a #. For example: p .name_of_class {background-color: blue; }, or
body #name_of_id {background-color: blue; }

To edit your profile CSS code, login with your account and go to directory. Choose an element you want to change, edit it, click save on the bottom-left of the page and view your profile to see the change you've made.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Manually edit your friendster profile

If you are an active user of friendster, you probably already recognize these site pages:,, etc. Right, they provide us quick and easy tools to generate CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code to customize our profile page. They use friendly interfaces so that we don't have to bother ourself typing the code one by one since they'll do that for us by generating the code from what we've already picked from the interfaces. It's really come in handy when we need to change our entire profile theme at once.

But, what if, later on, we just want to changes a part of it. For example, the background image. How would we do that? Do we have to revisit one of the sites and start all over again? Yes?? You're kidding, right? It would be so much waste. Not only time, but also energy (and money, if you use internet cafe).

But, don't worry. I'm trying to solve the problem here. Later, I will cover you with tutorials about this on my next posts. So, stay tuned.